Did you know elephants are insomniacs? In the wild elephants sleep only about three hours during a twenty-four hour period.  They are always on the alert, protecting themselves from threats in the wild.  Resting for long periods would make them vulnerable.

Here’s something to think about:

Our sovereignly good God could have created the circadian rhythms of homo sapiens to be like other creatures in his creation (i.e. elephants).  God could have fashioned man to sleep for only short periods.  Instead, the One who never sleeps, wonderfully made humans to turn off and turn in for eight hours a day.

Why did God make humans to sleep for almost one-third of their lives?

In other words–God uniquely made our sleep physiology to turn off our brains surrendering from our worries, fears, plans, thoughts.  God fashioned us to be vulnerable–to surrender.  Our circadian rhythms are a daily reminder that humans were made to release control to the One whose eyes never close.  We were made to surrender–physiologically and spiritually.

Sleep is God’s contrivance to give to man what he cannot do for himself while he is awake.