Surgeon Chuck Page is smiling despite losing his office to a fire on Friday. He said the reason is his faith.

On Friday, Page’s two-story office caught on fire after what he thinks was an electrical problem. In the afternoon, he heard a popping noise and got help from a computer technician.

“The computer people came and looked at the wiring and everything, and then we left around 5,” Page said. “We came back at 5:30 and that’s when all chaos broke out.”

Page said his office was full of flames and smoke. A quick walk through the building revealed soggy ceiling tiles from the water damage and burnt files belonging to patients. Page said everything in the office space was lost.

“How do you express your emotion and feelings when you are going through something like this?” Page said.

As he walked down a back hallway Page became emotional.

“It’s pretty much all gone,” Page said. “It’s like walking around in a sewer.”

But in the middle of all the destruction, there is some hope. Up a staircase to the second level, family portraits were safe from the flames. A wooden cross on the wall was knocked over but survived minor smoke damage. An outline of the cross can be seen on the wall. Page was also able to keep a Bible. It is covered in soot but Page holds it tight, knowing what it means to him.

“I kept them in my space I go to pray while I am here,” Page said. “There’s things that we don’t always have an explanation for. Look at the back of it. You can see how it is all charred. it’s just a reminder that the eternal things will always be there.”

As he finished walking through the business, Page received a call about an update on a patient. Page said it puts things into perspective.

“When we serve other people we realize that our problems are not as big as what we thought they were,” Page said.

In the days following the blaze, the exact cause is not known. Page is working with insurance on the building. For the time being, he and his staff are working out of a doctor’s office next door.

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