“You’re Life’s Challenges May Be Your Greatest Blessing!” Charles W. Page, M.D. is constantly looking for ways to serve, encourage and edify you. Follow the Spoonfuls of Courage blog, for a continued source of inspiration”

Charles W Page

STYLE: INSPIRING, DEVOTION“Dr. Page is the best person to see on the worst day of your life.”

Fifteen years as a surgeon, a devoted father of five, a happy husband and a coffee lover- Chuck has literally seen it all. The lessons he has learned helping others through life’s great challenges, offers inspiration, hope and encouragement. For all who are discouraged, challenged, and in need of a lift- Chuck’s book, Spoonful’s of Courage, as well as his live presentations are the answer you’re looking for.

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SURRENDERED SLEEP by: Charles W Page $14.95 Sleep was God’s idea! Surrendered Sleep discusses the spiritual component of sleep from a Christian worldview. The reader will explore spiritual principles to deal with specific sleep issues and understand a biblical framework for how to tackle insomnia and sleep deprivation. Read more

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